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West Waterford Handyman Services are based in West Waterford. We cover many types of outdoor repairs including (but not limited to):

Repairing building fences, Repairing garden gates, locks, hinges, bolts. Repairing garden sheds – roofs, walls, doors. Repairing gutters and drains. Making concrete areas for sheds or barbecue. Hanging clothes lines, flower hangers, shelves, trellis. Repairing or adding outside taps. Clearing drains, gutters. Power-washing walls, decking, patio or paving. Mould cleaning. Garden clear-out, Hedge cutting (High hedges catered for). Grass cutting. Painting (interior or exterior).

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Useful tips

  • Your home is as valuable as your car. Maintenance should be a necessary part on both.
  • Paints give a certain vibe to those who see their color. When choosing a color for your home, choose one that has a lively feel to it.
  • Garden is an extension of your home and is as good as the plants it has growing.
  • Amenities make living easier. The quality of the amenities at home can either be a source of relaxation or frustration. No one likes the latter.

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"Things only experience taught us!"

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Elegantly-designed buildings. Mastercrafted interior and exteriors. Smooth-surface textures.
Refined finish. Captivating color combinations. Overall fascinating designs.

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